Current coin offer:

Antiquity is the most challenging and demanding numismatic section due to its coin uniqueness and description. All our coins come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Many collectors have taken advantage of our offer to create and expand their numismatic collections with coins of rare and often good or fine condition.

Our offer of foreign coins is one of the biggest in the country. Our clients rely on Our services of reliable coin evaluation and coin grading. What is more, We actively help Our clients in acquisition of the desired items and expansion of even the most demanding collection by attending many exchanges and taking part in various auctions.

Every coin collection is built on the basis of appropriate numismatic literature. Our online shop offers a wide range of catalogues, from the basic enabling each collector to categorize their coins to professional ones which will allow you to create a more damanding collection. Like coins, the literature devoted to them can also be very rare and in demand. We have several thousand various catalogues in our library allowing us to recognize which one in particular will be the most helpful in determining the rarity and type of collected items. We offer our help and advice in choosing the right literature for the right period. Most modern catalogues are with photos and descriptions that come with prices of presented coins. It is very helpful especially for beginners in the numismatic field who wish to create new collections.

We have a wide range of gold collection items as well as bullion ones. All coins from Our offer have the gurantee of originality and come with a reliable evaluation. We pride ourselves in finding missing items to any collection. What is more, We provide proffesional advice in purchasing numismatic items and can attend and take part in the biggest auctions on the client's behalf.

Experience gained throughout 20 years of dealing with polish numismatics has allowed Us to offer Our clients not only very rare items but more common ones in a great condition as well. We provide professional advice and help out in completing the collection with missing items by taking part in the biggest auctions in the country and aborad.

Our offer also includes certified coins that are highly popular among collectors. Due to our considerable experience we are capable of rediscovering the most beautiful items which after being sent to grading companies are awarded with the highest determination. Sometimes, after receiving a very high grading estimation even the most common coin turns out to be a very rare one.