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Important Information:

When visiting our websites, cookies (text files that are sent by Our websites) may be saved on your computer. Cookies are used to adjust proper content and ease the functionality of the websites as well as to remember items placed in a shopping basket. Another reason may be related to website statistics.

Information saved on your computer while using our websites isn't kept, gathered or processed anywhere else.

Switching off cookies

Every user can adjust the level of protection from cookies according to his/hers preferences. They may even block them completely from saving on their computer. It results in increase of security, safety and data protection. However, it can prevent some functions from working properly, for ex logging to the website or doing shopping online.

Information how to set up cookies in various browsers can be found on these websites:

In case of using a portable device such as mobile phone, tablet or smartfon We encourage to look for info about privacy protection on the producer's website.